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Portable Trade Show Counter Printing

A trade show is an excellent opportunity to introduce your brand and make big sales. A unique trade show stand goes a long way in capturing the needed attention in a trade fair. 

Custom portable counters can help you draw people’s attention and create an unforgettable first impression of your business. At Banner City, we create beautiful, functional counters for your trade shows and events at an affordable price. 

Get all the attention you need with our portable counters!

Custom-Made Portable Display Counters

We have experienced, in-house graphic designers who will create custom designs that resonate with your business. Your pop-up counter displays don’t have to look like anything ever seen.

Our portable counter displays come in different shapes and sizes for your needs. You can choose the dimensions of the aluminium frame and stretch fabric with custom-printed graphics for your exhibition counters.

Put up affordable displays at your trade shows with our digitally printed exhibition counter.  

High Quality, Full Colour Portable Trade Show Counter Printing

All our printing is done in-house, so we can always guarantee the highest quality of prints possible. 

The colours on your counter print are very important as it is an outdoor display. We use the best materials to ensure the full colours of your portable counters will not wash out over the years. 

You can’t get a better offer on pop-up counters anywhere else!

Prompt Delivery on All Orders

We understand the times when you need a portable promotional counter urgently. That’s why our staff are always ready to give you the best exhibition counter in the shortest time possible. 

At Banner City, we provide a full range of services, handling everything about your portable counters from design to delivery and after-sales. You can expect fast delivery and consistent customer service at every step. 

Order a Portable Trade Show Counter

Do you have a trade show or outdoor event coming up soon? A portable counter can help you display your goods attractively and make attending to customers easier. 

Speak to one of our designers today to get the perfect display counter for you!